Winterstick Pintail

Winterstick Pintail


Designed in conjunction with Pemberton Local, Chris Ankeny, the Pintail is a board that combines the camber profile from the Roundtail, the taper from the Wescott, a longer sidecut and a wider waist to keep you from booting out as you cut over to your line. Made to slay spines and couloirs, the Pintail will get you from peak to valley in less than 12 parsecs. Don't try and put the Pintail in a box though, put it on a groomer and leave your buddies behind.

"The Pintail is the modern big wave gun I've always dreamed of. The board you want to grab when the stars align and you're headed for the dream lines. A board that can handle high speed bottom turns yet has the playfulness to navigate knife edge spines. With a classic Winterstick nose that is darn impossible to bury and always seems to surface no matter how deep the snow, a long drawn out sidecut that just wants to go fast and a flex that is solid yet still poppy and last but not least the real beauty is the gas pedal power you get out of the pintail. If you like pinning it down big mountains, this is the board for you." -Chris Ankeny Long low rise nose, initiated just before the contact point in combination with full camber lets the board shape keep you on top of the snow, with minimal plowing in front of the board.

Tech Specs

Brand Winterstick logo
Season 2023-2024
Shape Directional

Size Chart

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Size Waist Width Sidecut Effective Edge Setback Nose Width Reference Stance
cm cm m cm cm cm cm
156 26 9 114 2.5 30.1 56
160 26.4 9.2 116 2.5 30.6 57
164 27 9.5 118 2.5 31.2 57.5
168 27.5 9.8 120 2.5 31.7 58