Back in the spring of 2020 I was learning how to carve (like really carve, not scarve), and I found that my size 13 boots were hitting the snow and throwing my edge. I was riding a board with a something like a 26.4cm waist, a board labeled "wide". But it wasn't enough and I developed a fear of getting too far on edge.

My board was holding me back.

Frustrated, I wanted to buy a wide board. Not a "wide" board, but something that actually fits the size 13 boot. I wanted to ride like Ryan Knapton, but without shelling out the big bucks for a custom Donek. But finding the perfect ultrawide board is difficult. You have to go to each brand, look at all the boards, and see if there's a big enough size. It's a pain.

Thus was born UltrawideSnowboards.com, a simple site that listed all the namesake boards.

Two years on, and the feedback has been overwhelming. One thing that comes up over and over is that people want more. And the ultrawide rider isn't the only group looking for the perfect snowboard. Chairlift Rebellion was born out of this desire to bring information and access to the masses. Head over to the snowboard search to find your perfect ride.

- Cody
AASI Level 1

My Quiver

I'm always looking to expand, but this is what I'm riding now.

  • W24 Douk Freight 164: 30.8cm waist
  • W21 Weston Timber 166: 28.2cm waist
  • W21 Skunk Ape: 170UW: 28.5cm waist
  • W20 Rosignol Jibsaw Heavy Duty, 162: 26.4cm waist
  • W12 GNU Carbon Credit BTX Orange