Weston Japow Split

Weston Japow Split


The Best Splitboard for: Powder - Snow Surfing & Trees The Japow is snow surfing at its finest - preferring trees and the deepest powder possible. Like many powder boards, the Japow has a very wide nose with a good amount of reverse camber. We pair that with our Powder camber-dominate profile and iconic fishtail. This combination provides unrivaled float in deep snow that helps save your energy for all the time you'll spend in the white room. This combination provides unrivaled float in deep snow and maneuverability in tight trees. A powerful core of poplar and bamboo stringers helps keep this board smooth and surfy while carbon stringers in maintain the pop in the swallowtail. The castor bean based, Rugged Nylon topsheet, helps shed snow and adds durability while the Sintered 4001 base provides top of the line speed in a minimalist black design to create seamless repairs. All of this helps the Japow to slay pow in the deepest of conditions as would be demanded on the 3 foot days in Hokkaido.

As with all our splitboards, we shift the touring bracket forward to make kick-turns a breeze and on this model we utilize active latching Karakoram UltraClips 2.0, installed with our holeless base technology, to help create the most responsive ride.

Designed in Colorado, Manufactured at GP87 Artwork by: Brooke Ruble *Skin Compatibility: The grouping of skins leads to variation in base coverage between sizes and models. We feel that these provide sufficient traction and coverage, but if you feel the need for 100% base coverage, consider the OSFA trim to fit option.

Tech Specs

Brand Weston logo
Season 2023-2024
Shape Directional
Soft Firm

Size Chart

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Size Waist Width Sidecut Effective Edge Setback Nose Width Tail Width Rider Weight Boot Size Board Weight
cm cm m cm cm cm cm lbs lbs
154 25.6 8.7 / 6.6 119 0 31 28.5 115 - 185 up to 10.0 6.8
159 26.2 9 / 6.9 123.5 0 31.7 29.2 140 - 210 up to 12.0 7.2
164 26.6 9.3 / 7.2 125.5 0 32.2 29.7 165 - 235 up to 12.5 7.8
169 27 9.6 / 7.5 128.5 0 32.7 30.2 190 - 260 up to 13.0 8.5