Nitro Doppleganger

Nitro Doppleganger


The Doppleganger's lightweight Koroyd Powercore allows you to hike faster and further, while the Diamond Laminates provide the snap and support you want for steep faces. The Forged T7075 Aluminum Hooks offer peace of mind as you charge down untouched pow fields with stability and confidence. The Doppleganger 's Hike Pods will get you to the fresh and distant powder runs with better edge grip on the traverse. At the same time, the Cam-Out Camber and Directional Mid-Wide shape will give you the float and reliable precision needed to navigate any terrain on the way down. Nitro's custom tip and tail locks are easy to get on and off with cold-weather gloves on, making the transition process on cold peaks quicker and more enjoyable. This lightweight powerhouse comes with the Nitro x Kohla skin attachment system for a faster and more secure skin mounting procedure with the custom Nitro x Kohla Vertical hiking skins. Reduce the weight, not the performance and durability, of your overall splitboard set-up this winter with the faster and lighter Doppleganger splitboard - a tried and true performance workhorse! For the ultimate splitboard experience, grab a pair of the pre-cut Nitro x Kohla Vertical Skins that fit each Doppelgänger Split size perfectly - equipped with a mix of 64% Mohair and 35% synthetic Nylon fibers with Fiber seal and Smart Glue Technologies for the perfect slide to grip ratio to get you effortlessly to get to the top.

Tech Specs

Brand Nitro logo
Season 2023-2024
Shape Directional
Profile Cam-Out Camber
Soft Firm

Size Chart

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Size Waist Width Sidecut Setback Nose Width Tail Width Rider Weight Stance
cm cm m cm cm cm lbs cm
148 23.8 8.2 / 7.4 2 27.8 26.8 110 - 155 46 - 61
152 24.2 8.2 / 7.4 2.5 28.4 27.4 110 + 48 - 64
156 25 8.2 / 7.4 2.5 29.5 28.5 110 + 48 - 64
160 25.6 8.2 / 7.4 2.5 30.2 29.3 130 + 51 - 66
164 25.7 8.5 / 7.7 2.5 30.4 29.5 155 + 51 - 66