Niche Sonnet

Niche Sonnet


If you're someone who likes to charge hard and explore all types of terrain, from surfy pow days to just cruising, the Sonnet is your kind of board. This directional deck has got it all. Magne-Traction and multi-camber give you unparalelled grip and control on this ultra lightweight and snappy ride - especially on icy days. The mid-stiff flex adds tons of stability with an incredibly supple feel underfoot, making it the ultimate all-mountain board. For those that want to go anywhere and everywhere without restraint, this one's for you.

Alternate base color schemes are used to avoid extra plastic base material waste during production! Base colors vary between grey and black. Base colors may not always be guaranteed, however we do our best to honor any special requests.

Tech Specs

Brand Niche logo
Season 2023-2024
Shape Directional
Profile Multi-Camber
Soft Firm

Size Chart

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Size Waist Width Sidecut Effective Edge Setback Reference Stance
cm cm m cm cm cm
143 23.6 6.5 110 2 52
147 24.1 6.8 114 2 52
151 24.5 7.1 118 2 54
154 24.9 7.4 121 2 54