Never Summer Proto Synthesis

Never Summer Proto Synthesis


The biggest advancement in snowboard edge technology ever created. We've created the perfect All Mountain Twin. Shop the Proto Synthesis today.

Loaded with all the technical features, the Proto Synthesis is the top selling board year after year for a reason. The mid-flex all mountain freestyle true twin is perfectly balanced for spins, riding switch and stomping the biggest tricks. Shockwave Rocker Camber allows for pop, boost in and out of turns and vice like edge hold while maintaining natural float and pressability. Perfect for riding anywhere on the hill, the Proto Synthesis makes for a smooth ride with minimal chatter, while staying crisp and powerful.

Tech Specs

Brand Never Summer logo
Season 2023-2024
Shape Twin
Profile Shock Wave Rocker Camber
Soft Firm

Size Chart

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Size Waist Width Sidecut Setback Nose Width Tail Width
cm cm m cm cm cm
152 25.2 7.2 0 30 30
155 25.4 7.4 0 30.2 30.2
157X 26.3 7.6 0 31 31
158 25.5 7.7 0 30.3 30.3
159DF 28 7.6 0 32.9 32.9
160X 26.5 7.9 0 31.2 31.2
161 25.6 7.8 0 30.4 30.4