Gnu 4x4

Gnu 4x4


Forest Bailey is a complete rider...his skateboard roots put him in the streets, his mastery of east coast ice makes him an amazing carver and his love of all things wild put him in the big mountains. A decade of board design experience and experiments went into this magical floaty nosed, zero taper angle, freestyle focused directional ATV. Head Space the streets and 4x4 the wilds. Forest Bailey's two board quiver is built to stack clips for the complete all terrain master part.

Tech Specs

Brand Gnu logo
Season 2023-2024
Shape Directional
Profile C3
Soft Firm

Size Chart

Heads up! Turn your phone sideways to better view the table.

Size Waist Width Sidecut Setback Nose Width Tail Width Rider Weight Stance Contact Length
cm cm m cm cm cm lbs cm cm
157 25.5 8.4 2.5 29.7 29.7 130 + 49 - 61 119
160 25.7 8.4 2.5 30 30 140 + 49 - 61 121