CAPiTA Mega Split

CAPiTA Mega Split


As rewarding as the descent may be, weight reduction on the ascent is paramount to elevating the splitboarding experience. With this in mind, we developed the game changing MEGA SPLIT.

Inspired by the renowned Mercury shape and the MEGA MERC's high-end construction attributes, the MEGA SPLIT is custom engineered to be one of the lightest-weight, best-perfomring split boards available. This series featues an advanced 3D Ascend 1 Split Core, PURE MEGACARBON, and a MEGALITE Skin topsheet to save weight while retaining the poppiness and signature feel you've come to know from the Mercury series. The HyperDrive base with The Mothership direct Moonshot Pro-Tune ensures top-end speeds can be achieved while descending newly discovered terrain. If you are looking for an extremely lightweight, highly advanced, technical split model from the same pedigree stock as the Mercury, the MEGA SPLIT is your key to unlocking new adventures.

This revolutionary all-terrain shape provides the best of both worlds. It has a raised camber platform through the inserts to retain high-speed edge hold through variable terrain, elevated contact points to land and float in powder, and Flat Kick tip and tail arcs for faster, more aggressive transitions.

Tech Specs

Brand CAPiTA logo
Season 2023-2024
Shape Directional
Profile Hybrid Camber
Soft Firm

Size Chart

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Size Waist Width Sidecut Effective Edge Setback Nose Width Tail Width Rider Weight Reference Stance
cm cm m cm cm cm cm lbs cm
155 25.5 7.7 / 7.7 119.9 0 29.8 29.8 120 - 180 57.5
157 25.7 7.8 / 7.8 121.5 0 30.1 30.1 130 - 190 57.5
159 25.9 8 / 8 122.3 0 30.3 30.3 140 - 200 61.5
161 26.1 8.1 / 8.1 124.7 0 30.6 30.6 160 - 220 61.5