Burton Blossom Camber

Burton Blossom Camber


Free to be. Free to create. Left to their own devices, team riders got creative and designed the Burton Blossom Snowboard. It sets you up with a solid true twin platform to spin, stomp, and ride as you like. Given free rein to design the graphics, Burton rider Niels Schack hand-painted butterflies to symbolize new life and natural beauty. Fitting for a board that opens the door to the future.

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC: When the only direction to go is up, and you have all the gas you need. When you've stopped listening to anyone who tells you how to be. When you've reached down into your gut and pulled up your true colors. When it's time to grow, and shine. There's only one thing to do. Free to be. Free to create. Inspired by a new generation of riders who represent both NOW and the FUTURE, Blossom is a platform for a collective approach to reimagining what a pro snowboarder looks like. So, of course, the art is up to them. This is a Niels Schack original graphic-drawn by hand, grown from the heart.

Tech Specs

Brand Burton logo
Season 2021-2022
Shape Twin
Profile Camber
Soft Firm

Size Chart

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Size Waist Width Sidecut Effective Edge Nose Width Tail Width Rider Weight Reference Stance
cm cm m cm cm cm lbs cm
149 24.4 7.3 112.5 28.4 28.4 100 - 150 53
152 24.9 7.5 115.5 29 29 120 - 180 53
155 25.1 7.7 118.5 29.3 29.3 120 - 180 56
158 25.4 7.9 121.5 29.7 29.7 150 - 200 56
162 25.8 8.2 125.5 30.3 30.3 180 - 260 56